Helping to shape public debate in Poland

Credit: Pexels/pixabay

Research conducted by Stanley Bill has informed and shaped international public understanding of Poland and its recent populist political shift against the background of 20th-century history.

This underpinning research motivated, informed and shaped the creation of a website, social media hub, and NGO (entitled Notes from Poland) to deliver news and analysis on Poland in English (with some items also in Polish) to a large international audience of approximately 1 million users. What began as a personal blog for Bill’s research in 2014 has expanded to include multiple stakeholders and contributors, filling a gap in international media coverage and enabling research to reach an extremely wide audience, shaping public debate on Poland.

Over 500 testimonials demonstrate impact on individuals and institutions as the projects flowing from the research have changed their understanding of and engagement with Polish issues. Key beneficiaries include policymakers, journalists and migrants living in Poland, as well as diplomats including ambassadors from three countries who use Notes from Poland to inform and provide analysis.

“An essential resource for anyone interested in Poland.”

– Marc Santora, Bureau Chief for East and Central Europe, The New York Times